MEPs to vote on condemning Hamas attack in Israel

The European Parliament will vote later today on a resolution condemning the acts of Hamas in Israel on 7 October.

It follows criticism over a lack of a coherent response from the European Union in the aftermath of the attacks.

According to a draft version of the text, the resolution will also call on Israel to adhere to international and humanitarian law.

The resolution before the parliament is an attempt by MEPs to agree on a position in the wake of the latest Israel-Hamas conflict.

During a debate on the issue this week, MEPs, including those from Ireland, were critical of the EU’s response in the aftermath of the attacks on 7 October.

A draft version of the resolution condemns the acts of Hamas, but also calls on Israel to act within international and humanitarian law.

It is not yet clear if it will be adopted, with many amendments being tabled from MEPs across the house.

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