Gardaí detected 9% of sexual offences reported in 2022

Gardaí detected 9% of sexual offences reported to it last year, a decrease of 3% on 2021, but the detection rate increases with time according to the latest CSO crime figures published today.

The CSO says that the detection rate for most crimes reported last year was the same or slightly lower than in 2021.

A crime may be marked as detected when An Garda Síochána has identified at least one person responsible for committing an offence and that person has been issued a charge or summons, a formal or informal caution, or a fixed payment notice.

Homicide detection rates were down 2% as were assaults and related offences.

The initial crime detection rate in 2022 was the same as in 2021 for a further four crime categories which included, for example, robbery, burglary and weapons crimes.

The detection rate for fraud crime was significantly lower for 2021 and 2022 than earlier years, with this type of crime more than doubling in the volume from 2020 levels being a likely contributory factor.

The crime rate in Dublin last year was generally higher than other regions, but the rate of detection was lower for a number of offence groups.

Males were the suspected offender for the majority of detected crime in 2022, comprising 97% of sex offenders.

Half (51%) of suspected offenders of detected sexual offences reported in 2022 were aged between 18 and 44 years when the offence took place.

Females made up a of third of theft and related offences and a quarter of fraud and deception offences.

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